ARCHICAD Road Test (Birmingham)

ARCHICAD Road Test (Birmingham)

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ARCHICAD Road Test Includes:

  • ARCHICAD Teamwork for three months (companies new to ARCHICAD only)
  • Applecore Designs Starter Template and ARCHICAD UKI Template
  • BIMx (Building Explorer)
  • PC and/or Mac installers
  • Trial exercise
  • Three days classroom training
  • Road Test bronze corebadge

How is Works

If you are thinking about implementing model based design in your studio, then our ARCHICAD Road Test could be a great option.

ARCHICAD offers a huge range of time-saving and cost-effective benefits, but the idea of having to learn a new tool can sometimes be off-putting. Now, there’s a much easier way: the ARCHICAD Road Test, a training course that’s designed to help you get started with minimal hassle. The ARCHICAD Road Test offers a low-cost way of assessing ARCHICAD for use in your own studio, with managed training and implementation to ease the learning curve.

Step 1: Get your 3 month ARCHICAD license (companies new to ARCHICAD only)

You’ll receive a link to download ARCHICAD for both Mac and Windows. Download and install the software, use the ID and serial code  provided to activate it, and you’re ready to go!

Step 2: Complete the ARCHICAD trial exercise

By completing these exercises, you’ll get some preliminary experience with the ARCHICAD software, and you’ll be ready to start on the classroom training.

Step 3: Attend the two day Crossgrade course

These classroom-based training sessions are small instructor-led groups of up to 5 students. You’ll learn the core commands and actions, the best practice workflows whilst creating a virtual building model.

Step 4: Use ARCHICAD in your workplace

After completing the classroom training sessions, you’re ready to start using ARCHICAD in the workplace. We recommend that you work with ARCHICAD for at least 20 hours to consolidate your learning.

Step 5: Attend the Documentation course

You’ll learn about detailing, revision control, scheduling and automated publishing, to enhance and build on what you’ve already accomplished.

Step 6: Earn Your Road Test Bronze Badge!

After completing the third day of training, you’re ready to earn your corebadge, the “Road Test Bronze Badge”. To do this you’ll complete the formal three days of classroom training, complete an online test, and submit a project that you’ve completed using ARCHICAD.

Step 7: Keep Using ARCHICAD

Once you complete the road test you’ll be able to switch your 3-month license to one of several different licensing options: a perpetual license, a fixed-term license, a short-term rental or a subscription-based model. Choose whatever suits your needs best, and you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of using ARCHICAD.

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