EcoDesigner Star

EcoDesigner Star

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GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner STAR is an ArchiCAD extension providing a full BIM to BEM workflow. This enables designers to fully utilise and further extend ARCHICAD's built-in building energy modeling capabilities, with  high-end building energy performance simulation and reporting without leaving ArchiCAD.

In addition to the integrated energy simulation functionality, EcoDesigner STAR’s advanced BEM export interfaces (such as gbXML and PHPP) allow full collaboration workflow with building energy consultants and enable data export from ARCHICAD to local building energy code compliance calculation applications

EcoDesigner STAR handles multiple thermal blocks for the energy balance calculations. ArchiCAD zones are grouped according to orientation, occupancy and used building systems into thermal blocks, which are necessary to perform high-accuracy energy simulations.

EcoDesigner STAR enables designers to perform thermal bridge analysis on any detail of their project in seconds. This 2D heat-flow simulation can be run on any ArchiCAD project details to identify those parts of the building that are responsible for heat-loss and might cause vapor condensation as well as other unwanted effects. The Thermal Bridge Simulation results can be placed on layouts and displayed as part of the project documentation set.

The  energy model can incorporate environmentally friendly local renewable energy solutions such as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. Generating electricity on-site enables excellent building energy efficiency or even net-zero energy building design.

EcoDesigner STAR is an add-on for use with ARCHICAD Teamwork or ARCHICAD Solo. If you would like to add EcoDesigner STAR to an existing ARCHICAD licence then enter the licence number above. Alternatively, choose an ARCHICAD EcoDesigner STAR bundle for use with a new licence of ARCHICAD.

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