Simple Zone Stamp (DEMO Version)

Simple Zone Stamp (DEMO Version)

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Simple Zone Stamp is designed to give extra flexibility in displaying zone information on floor plan drawings, with customisable secondary dimensions, IFC data and predefined zone names.

Some parameters are restricted in the free DEMO version.


  • ARCHICAD 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 23 Teamwork / Solo


  • Integration with ARCHICAD's standard text style settings, including use of your text favourites.

  • Control the appearance and format of the zone stamp, including 1 or 2 columns of text, automatic or fixed textbox width, and alignment/anchor settings. When using a fixed text box width, text will automatically be wrapped where necessary.

  • Choose what fields and values are displayed in the zone stamp, set them as header or body text styles, and control at what scales each row will be displayed. Add and remove additional text rows as required. Available fields include room and zone category information, storeys, areas and volumes, occupancy, cost, IDs, renovation status, classification, element properties and IFC properties. Show the measured area, calculated area and volume in multiple units, or used the units as defined in your project preferences.

  • Define zone data, such as zone number, name, finishes, occupancy levels and cost calculations. You can also choose predefined zone names from a drop-down menu, which can be fully customised. Additional control is also available for the zone number and storey number formats.

  • Override the size and style of the header and body text, and the alignment of each text column.

  • Additional pen colour override settings for header and body text, and frame and background fill settings where relevant.

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