Crossgrade and Project Documentation (Online)

Crossgrade and Project Documentation (Online)

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By attending this two day course (delivered as four half days), you will have the opportunity to learn the core commands and actions in ARCHICAD, best practice ARCHICAD workflows, a knowledge of the processes involved in constructing a "Virtual Building" model, through to creating drawing output including layout sheets.

Course Delivery

These instructor-led small groups of no more than five attendees take place online, delivered in 6 modules. Each session will start at 9:30am and will last around 3 hours, including a short break. You will need access to a workstation with ARCHICAD 23 installed, a current ARCHICAD licence, speakers, a microphone, and preferably a second monitor to comfortably view the presenter's screen while working through the course content.




A working knowledge of Windows or Mac operating systems including the ability to navigate through the file system to create, manage and manipulate files.

No prior knowledge of any CAD system is required – however, drafting, design or architectural experience would be an advantage.

Course Outline

Introduction and drawing techniques:

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Introduction to templates and work environments
  • Interface overview
  • Workspace interactions
  • Geometry methods
  • Tracker and coordinate input
  • Drawing and editing
  • Selection methods
  • Snap points and snap guides
  • Coordinate offsets
  • Reference lines
  • Drawing exercises

Planning stage design:

  • Wall element settings
  • Starting the Virtual Building
  • Rotating orientation
  • Measure tool
  • Slab and column placement
  • Window and door placement
  • Window and door settings
  • Storeys and levels
  • Trace & reference
  • Creating roofs
  • Wall-roof connections

Materials and attributes:

  • Concept building materials
  • Surfaces and the surface painter
  • Materials and Composite structures
  • Criterial based element selection
  • Editing element geometry
  • Editing composite structures
  • Interacting with junctions

Detailed design model:

  • Managing foundations
  • Using the magic wand
  • Storeys and slab-wall junctions
  • Floor plan cut plane
  • Defining stair rules and standards
  • Placing stairs
  • Storey sensitive floor plan display
  • Checking headroom
  • Substituting window/door types
  • Favourites
  • Terrain modelling
  • Importing surveyor data

Sections, elevations and details:

  • Course overview
  • The Navigator vs. the Pop-Up Navigator
  • Creating Sections and Elevations from the model
  • Section and Elevation content & styles
  • Creating Details
  • Using the 2D Detailing Library
  • Managing and updating Details
  • Using Worksheets
  • Marquees and cutting planes
  • 3D Documents
  • Placing and editing dimensions
  • Labels and annotations
  • Introduction to schedules
  • Window and door lists

Views, layouts and publishing:

  • Quick options/view options
  • Saving views
  • Controlling layers and layer combinations
  • Controlling pen colour and line weights
  • Model view options
  • Graphic overrides
  • Renovation statuses and filters
  • Floor plan cut plane
  • Cloned folders
  • Layout sheets, masters, and title blocks
  • Managing and updating drawings
  • Drawing number management
  • The Organiser
  • Publisher sets
  • BIMx Export

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