Complex Profile Billboard

Complex Profile Billboard

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Complex Profile Billboard is an Archicad object that displays flat "billboards" generated from Complex Profiles, automatically aligned to the current perspective view, for visualisations.


  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo


  • Draw or import Complex Profiles with the required shapes or patterns.
  • Select the Complex Profile to display as a "billboard" in 3D.
  • Choose the required placement/anchor point, either the complex profile's origin point, or the base centre point.
  • Set the dimensions, with options to use the complex profile's original dimensions, custom dimensions, or rescale with a percentage factor.

  • Automatically align to the current perspective view, or manually define the billboard's rotation.
  • Control shadow casting from the billboard,
  • Use the complex profile's outline pens, or define an override.
  • Use the complex profile's surfaces, or override using a building material or surface.
  • Different 2D display modes, including for the current position of the billboard, a circular marker, or complex profile image itself.
  • Overrides for the pen colours and fill patterns.

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