Brick Quoin

Brick Quoin

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Brick Quoin is an object that generates a brick and mortar quoin to your specified dimensions, with controls for floor plan, 3D and elevational views.


  • Archicad 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo


  • Choose between one sided, two sided symmetrical, and two sided alternating construction options.
  • Control coursing, single brick and whole brick arrangements.
  • Define widths based on brick dimensions of numbers of bricks.
  • Define the pattern repetition.
  • Adjust brick dimensions.
  • Set mortar thickness and recess.
  • Show full or simplified levels of detail in 3D and elevational views.
  • Define the building materials and outline pens for bricks and mortar. Surface overrides are also available.

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