Beam and Block Floor Accessory

Beam and Block Floor Accessory

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Beam and Block Floor Accessory is an object that generates a beam and block floor system to the dimensions and shape of an ARCHICAD Slab, using the Accessories tools.


  • Archicad 21 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo


  • Place the Beam & Block Accessory object using the "slab accessories" tool. The accessory will automatically fit a 3D beam and block floor system to the size and shape of an Archicad slab element.
  • Choose between a simple "beam & block" only option, or a full floor construction with additional floor and ceiling skins.
  • Align the elevation of the accessory at a given distance from the top or base of the slab. This can be used to position the beam and block floor within the slab's air space.
  • Control the display of each skin in 3D and sectional views with Archicad's "partial structure display" setting.

  • Choose between a "simple" beam type, with customisable dimensions, or "complex profile" beams.

  • Define the default beam centres and beam layout (single, double, or triple beam systems). The graphical editing modes allows the beams to be individually offset, and the number of beams at each point (single, double, triple) using the hotspots/nodes in floor plan and 3D views.
  • Define the origin from where the beams are calculated, and the direction of the beams, using the graphical editing mode in floor plan views.

  • Choose between a simplified block display, or the option to display each individual block in 3D, and define the block dimensions.
  • Automatically remove blocks or rotate blocks that are below a defined length, where beams are very close together. The graphical editing mode allows blocks to be individually removed using the hotspots/nodes in the 3D window.

  • Optionally extend the boundary of the beams and blocks beyond the original slab's boundary.

  • Show the beams as outlines, reference/centre lines, or hide them from floor plan drawings.
  • Define a cover fill for floor plan views.

  • Define the building material and outline pens for beams and blocks, and any additional skins defined. Surface overrides are also available.
  • Control the number of facets in curved edges, and enable/disable shadow casting, depending on 3D performance.


  • Install the "Goodies" add-ons (
  • If you have previously installed an Archicad Hotfix update patch, this will need to be reinstalled after installing the Accessories (Check for Updates in Archicad's Help menu).
  • Launch Archicad.
  • Load the Beam & Block Accessory object into the Library Manager.
  • Draw a slab where you would like to place the Beam & Block floor.
  • Select the slab.
  • Go to Design > Design Extras > Accessories > Slab Accessories
  • Select the Beam & Block Accessory object and adjust the parameters as required.

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