Timber Floor Section

Timber Floor Section

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Timber Floor Section is a 2D symbol that draws timber floor beams (solid beams, I-beams or joists) at set centres, with additional options for the display of the insulation, ceiling and floor.
  • Archicad 21 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 25 Teamwork / Solo
  • Different beam types (solid beams, I-beams or easy joists) .
  • Definable beam centres.
  • Parametric beam dimensions.
  • Align insulation to the top of the ceiling or bottom of the floor, and set the thickness.
  • Optional display of ceiling and floor.
  • Settings for the 2D representation of the beams, insulation, ceiling and floor.

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