Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding

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Timber Cladding object provides a number of different cladding styles available in 2D and 3D modes.
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 25 Teamwork / Solo
  • Display timber in 3D with a 2D projection, or as a 2D fill showing the cut section.
  • Choose between square edge, splayed, tongue and groove, halflap, shiplap, tapered and overlapped sections.
  • In 3D mode, set vertical or horizontal timber elements, and a rotation angle for the cladding.
  • Randomised texture alignment/
  • Customise the profile dimensions and spacing.
  • Choose a building material, or override surfaces.
  • Choose outline pen colours for 2D and 3D views.

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