Stud Wall

Stud Wall

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Stud Wall is a 2D object that places a series of timber studs across the length of a wall with insulation between the studs.


  • Archicad 21 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 25 Teamwork / Solo


  • Place the Stud Wall object using the object tool's "diagonal" or "rotated diagonal" placement method, to set the length and thickness of the wall.
  • Choose which skins you want to display, including insulation and wall finishes. Control the display of each skin with Archicad's "partial structure display" setting.
  • Set the insulation fill pattern to automatically fit to the wall width, or use a partial fill.

  • Choose between stud or joist structure types, and define the required dimensions.
  • Choose between various stud position options at the ends of the wall including rotated studs.
  • Set the default centres between each stud, and offset individual stud positions by dragging the hotspots/nodes.
  • Set the number of studs in each post position (between 1 and 4) by dragging the width of the stud.

  • Insert and delete studs in a placed stud wall object without affecting existing studs.

  • Set the 2D representation based on building material or cut fill attributes, and select the materials, fills and pen colours for the studs, insulation and finishes as applicable.

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