UKI Drawing Title

UKI Drawing Title

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This drawing title object has been designed to work with the Archicad UKI template to add title information and scale bars to your drawing sheets in a simple to use format.


  • Archicad 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 23 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 24 Teamwork / Solo
  • Archicad 25 Teamwork / Solo
  • Integration with Archicad's standard text style settings, including use of your text favourites.

  • Control the drawing title's size. alignment and angle relative to the drawing.

  • Easy to use settings to select what text is displayed. Select the text field to edit in the graphical display and choose what information you would like to display, including information relating to the project, layout sheet, drawing, revisions and date, as well as optional prefex and suffix fields.

  • Control the format of the drawing ID, with the option to use the first part of the storey name as the storey ID, as set out in the Archicad UKI template. (For example, with storey "RF-Roof", the drawing ID becomes "RF".)

  • Choose from a number of different scale bar formats, and set its position relative to the drawing, the title, or the layout.

  • Choose the units and spacing of each scale bar division, and control the text annotations.

  • Override the size and style of the drawing title and scale bar text.

  • Additional pen colour override settings for each aspect of the drawing title and scale bar, including text colours, and scale bar outlines and divisions.

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