Curved 3D Text

Curved 3D Text

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Curved Text places curved, wrapped text in 2D or 3D views.
  • ARCHICAD 18 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 19 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 20 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 21 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 22 Teamwork / Solo
  • Define the length and height of the curve segment.
  • Automatically text wrapping according to the text string.
  • Additional manual text wrapping at selected positions.
  • 4 display modes: 2D only, 2D and 3D (horizontally), 3D only (vertically). 3D only (curved on plan).
  • Model size or paper size text (for 2D mode).
  • Standard text controls for font style, size, colour, and alignment.

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