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Compass is an ARCHICAD object that displays the compass directions and sun positions.


  • ARCHICAD 18 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 19 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 20 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 21 Teamwork / Solo
  • ARCHICAD 22 Teamwork / Solo


  • Display the compass directions in 2D and 3D views.
  • Current sun position in 3D window.
  • North point and current sun position settings automatically taken from ArchiCAD's options.
  • Polar Coordinate and North Based Azimuth coordinate systems.
  • Create a sun path for 3D views, with optional 2D projection.
  • Create labels for different positions throughout a sun path
  • Recalculated sun position during Sun Study animations.
  • Text alignment options.
  • Material and pen colour options.

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